There are characters out there who we want to dress up as who just have totally different eyes than us. What do cosplayers do when this happens? Contacts! I’ve personally bought contacts once. They weren’t cheap or expensive, but after wearing them once, I noticed something growing in the container. So, in regards to that experience, I immediately threw away the contacts. Case in point, I have many things to learn about purchasing contacts and definitely got to gain a lot from the wisdom of these great cosplayers!

  1. Cosplay contacts can be dangerous, how can you tell if the quality of the contacts are good?
  2. How long can you wear the contacts for?
  3. Which companies are reputable and make quality contacts?
  4. How long do contacts usually last for? How do you clean them/keep them from expiring?
  5. What criteria do you have before placing your contacts order? Do you go by friend/peer recommendations and ratings?
  6. Any other tips that you have for contacts purchasing or taking care of your contacts?


Marcie Zimmerman

( account): DLGR

Twitter: @DLGR02


  1. Dont buy from shady websites. Look up reviews or forums for the trusted sites. Basically, if they ask for proof of optometrist referral where you can prove you got your eyes actually measured for the contacts, you know youre on a great website! If they dont ask, or youre just guessing, youre not ready for contacts. Do not risk eye injury for a cosplay! NOT WORTH IT! Absolutely, 150%, get your eyes measured for costume contacts (be honest with your doctor) so you know what type and size of contacts to purchase!
  2. Personally a couple of hours because Ive never been able to get used to things in my eyes, but for most 8-9 hours. Do not sleep with them on, let dem eyes BREATHE!
  3. The ULTIMATE site to get awesome and incredible quality contacts is 9mmSFX, but they are pricey. Another popular, less expensive place that has everything from casual wear to super detailed contacts is PinkyParadise.
  4. There SHOULD be an expiration date on every bottle of contacts. If not, *side-eye* dont trust them. They should tell you when they will expire. Dont put some dank contacts on your precious eyes! Also make sure you get a contact case and a good brand of contact solution to keep the bacteria free! Also, get into the habit of cleaning out your case every day with soap and a good rinse of water, keep the solution fresh, and ALWAYS screw the lids closed when youre not actively putting in the contacts. Pink eye is no joke, do your best to keep bacteria out!
  5. Make sure youre getting the correct prescription and size before you buy! Dont be afraid to ask the site questions! And yeah, check online/forums for other sites and read other peoples experiences with some sites, some places might seem legit and not be!
  6. Just be smart and safe, and youll be the coolest kid on the contact-wearing block.


Laarnie Barcelon

Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @Rikachuuable


  1. Regarding contacts, you always want to make sure that you are purchasing it from a trusted website. Next, you want to make sure that you do as much research on products before buying them. This is normally how I figure out that items are not particularly dangerous. Doing it this way will help you save money and also know that the items you buy are not going to harm you. In the event that it does though, schedule an appointment at the eye doctor as soon as possible because sometimes problems like these are so tiny that it’s hard to detect.
  2. Well regarding how long you should wear them in a 24-hour period, I’m not too sure. Personally, I only wear contacts in one sitting for 12 hours a day AT MOST. Then again, this is because I do not need contacts to see, and often times they can dry your eyes out. Even when constantly adding eye drops, it’s not necessarily healthy to over stress your eyes if they are not prescription based.
  3. I primarily purchase my contacts from websites such as honey color and pinky paradise. Although I do not necessarily purchase contacts that are manufactured by these websites, I make sure to get contact brands that are trustworthy and have primarily good reviews. I do a lot of research on the contacts that I purchase, and want to purchase from prior to payment.
  4. How long contacts last usually depends on the type that you’re buying. There are contacts that last for a day, a week or two, monthly contacts, and even yearly contacts. I typically buy yearly contacts as they are circle lenses. I make sure to properly clean them using trusted quality solutions, to keep them properly moisturized, and to keep them stored away properly. Do not take shortcuts with what goes into your eyes.
  5. I primarily go off of peer ratings from bloggers and from YouTubers. Although I should feel like I need to trust the reviews on the actual website, I find it difficult to given that they are able to delete certain reviews. Because of this, if I can’t find enough reviews on a certain item, or if I can’t find any photographs or video of the contacts being more I do not purchase them. If I can though, I focus heavily on color, diameter, design, and price range.
  6. Please make sure to clean your contacts, makeup SHOULD ago on after your contacts, and if you need it, there are tools to help put contacts into your eyes and also take them out.


Samantha Waldenmeyer

Instagram: sam.waldo

Twitter: @SamWaldenmeyer

Facebook: SamWaldo Cosplay


  1. The quality of contacts isn’t really known until you buy them. I’ve only ever bought contacts once.  I don’t normally wear contacts so it’s a bit harder for me to judge them. From what my cosplay friends tell me, contacts that you can put your prescription on them are generally going to be of higher quality.
  2. I’ve only worn contacts for about three hours straight. I’m a wimp!
  3. The best company to buy them is from Pinky Paradise! Their reviews are awesome and people can upload their pictures showing off the contacts so you can see how they actually look in real life! They do take forever to ship, so make sure you plan for them about three months in advance.
  4. The pair of contacts I bought only suggested keeping them for 6 months. These are my eyes. I’m not about to test the longevity just for a cosplay and risk an eye infection. Luckily the rest of my family wears contacts, so I can use their eye care supply to keep them clean for 6 months before I throw them out. They will expire eventually. Don’t fool yourself and think they won’t.
  5. My criteria for contacts is based purely on reviews. Eyes are very important and I’m not about to take a chance on a company that doesn’t have some sort of warranty or reviews for me to go through.
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