This month at Geek Bomb we’re focusing on the incredible women making waves in the world of geek, to kick it off we’ve doubled up on the kickass ladies by giving the pedestal to YouTube personality Steph Soubrette to tell us about female driven web series Classic Alice, created by powerhouse writer/producer/actress Kate Hackett.


As a film student I am always looking for new content to watch, and as a girl with a short attention span that content either has to be good or short.  Classic Alice is both. 

I came across this literary web series only recently but have quickly become a fan.  It brings the audience into the world of Alice.  Not Alice in Wonderland, as I’m sure most of you thought.  But Alice Rackham, a college student whose OCD tendencies and love of literature are turned on their head when she receives a B- on a paper. 

She decides to prove her professor wrong, and that she can understand and sympathise with the characters in novels, by becoming them.  Yes, you read correctly.  She plans to live her life according to the decisions made by characters in classic works.  I didn’t understand it either.  But Classic Alice, written, produced and performed by Kate Hackett, leads you into the world of seven different novels.


Kate Hackett writes the series so beautifully that you keep forgetting that you aren’t watching real people.  Hackett seamlessly drops literary Easter eggs throughout the series that link back to many other classic novels.  She also pairs her vlog style production beautifully with actual camera movements, which are made by the ‘uninvolved participant’ cameraman.

This series isn’t just beautiful camera work and dialog it also has beautiful people.  The main character Alice is played by Kate Hackett, who might actually be superwoman if her skill set is anything to go by.  Her friend, and filming companion, Andrew is played by Tony Noto, and he doesn’t look too shabby dressed in plaid.  Lastly, Alice’s roommate Cara, a lesbian who doesn’t enjoy making a show of her sexuality, is played by the lovely Elise Cantu and if this isn’t enough to get you interested there are a few reoccurring roles by the cast of Emma Approved, created by Bernie Su (The Lizzie Bennett Diaries) 


Keeping with Bernie Su’s Web Series model this show uses transmedia to intertwine their characters and their audience.  Through social media, websites and podcasts this show allows it’ audience to full immerse themselves in the world of Alice and become a part of the show.

The show’s first season is available in full on YouTube and if you enjoy the show make sure you check out their IndieGoGo campaign for season 2 running until March 6th, get in quick to score some sweet incentives and help make season 2 a reality!

You can also check out the transmedia for the characters on Twitter and Tumblr.

Series Twitter

Series Tumblr

Alice Twitter

Alice Tumblr

Andrew Twitter

Cara Twitter

This article was written by guest contributor Steph! Check out Stephs video review of the series below! You can catch more from her on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram!

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