I was inspired by my Twitter buddy @Zane_Risom to share some of my favourite Buffy gifs that can be used in daily life. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I love BtVS gifs a little too much, so I feel qualified to compile this list.

Group Hug

Everyone needs a good group hug gif in their arsenal, especially when you have a tightknit online community that you want to show some love. I couldn’t decide between these two adorable gifs though, so I will leave that up to you.


We’ve all been there; you know that feeling when you need food and nothing will stop you from getting it. Sometimes you just have to steal a sandwich.


This is another classic that everyone needs at least one of for daily use. This gif of Giles bursting out laughing at Buffy is perfect but I have included another option as well.


“Beer Bad” might be the worst episode of Buffy, but it did provide us with this gif and for that we can call be grateful. Perfect for expressing certain desires after an arduous work week.

Also available in hard liquor form.


Sometimes you just want to sit back and watch something hilarious or awkward unfold in front of you and you need a lil snack.

Bite Me

This one is beyond straightforward. It sends a very clear message to the recipient.


This gif of Willow displays the perfect level of geeky excitement without being too over-the-top.


We have all had a moment when we’ve heard or seen something ridiculous or disgusting (or both!) that warrants use of a gif like this.

You’re Extraordinary

This doesn’t require much explanation, sometimes you just really want to tell somebody that they are special. Side note: I have used this gif more in the past year within personal chats with the Bomb Squad more than I ever have before in life. We have one extraordinary crew.


Whether your friends are actually stoned or just being silly goobers, this gif is the perfect incredulous addition to your gif collection.

Bitch, Please

This gem of a scene from “The Gift” is immortalized perfectly in this gif.


When “SMH” just isn’t enough.

Uncategorized sassiness in the form of Anya gifs

What can I say? I love me some Anya.

I am curious about your favourite Buffy gifs, so tweet them at me (@Andraste) and we can compare notes!

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