Author Matt Tilby

Matt Tilby

Matt is the Bomb Squad's resident music nut, having collected vinyls for a couple of years now. If he's not posting about the latest single to release or a track he's really enjoying lately, he's heading up Geek Bomb Beats, the section on the website which focuses on gaming and its link to music! Elsewhere, he enjoys a good gaming session, particularly if it's a sports game, and mostly speaks in old Simpsons quotes.

Geek Bomb at RTX Sydney 2017

New year, new venue and new air conditioning. There were certainly huge levels of excitement surrounding RTX’s return to Sydney for 2017. With Rooster Teeth’s flagship…

Game Review: Diluvion

So much is said about deep sea exploration. The unknown, the depths, the wild blue yonder, whatever you want to call it, there’s a sense of…

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