Staying hush-hush isn’t an issue for the revered actor.

As has been a well-known fact in the entertainment world for decades now, no one likes spoilers — especially not ones for Star Wars movies. But the veil of quietness that covers Star Wars: The Last Jedi is like nothing we’ve experienced before, and is a far cry from what pre-release periods for movies have been like in the past.

Boss Bomb Maude Garrett brought up this point in an interview with Last Jedi stars Andy Serkis (who plays the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke), Gwendoline Christie (Captain Phasma), and Domhnall Gleeson (General Armitage Hux). Maude noted that “movies ten years ago didn’t have what Star Wars is having now,” which is, of course, the “absolute online lockdown” where no one can say too much about any future installments out of fear of spoiling plot details or sparking up fan theories that skew the perspective on what will really happen in the movie in question.

Given that the stars of The Last Jedi are contractually not allowed to reveal anything, there’s quite a bit of curiosity on the fans’ end regarding how they can deal with keeping a tight lip. When asked how the experience has been, Serkis was quick to say that being discouraged from over-sharing has “been quite nice, really,” and that he believes there is a positive side to the secrecy around The Last Jedi.

“We don’t have to say anything… and there’s less pressure,” Serkis explained. “I mean, it’s good because we just… it’s an absolute no. It will destroy it for the viewers if we do go anywhere near it. And actually, people realize not to ask. You know? That’s the great thing now, because people don’t want it spoiled. They don’t want the spoilers.”

Serkis continued, touching on the fact that marketing tactics ten years ago were more so centered on getting the word out, making as many people aware of a film as possible, and sparking up fans’ interest in discovering hidden information. Now, of course, the focus has shifted significantly. “It’s all that desire that I think was around ten years ago to try to get ahead and find out little bits,” he stated. “But I don’t think it happens anymore, certainly not on these movies.”

The good news is that all the “Snoke and mirrors” will be cleared away shortly, when Star Wars: The Last Jedi debuts in cinemas on December 15.

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