In the age of binging and incredible shows, it’s been pretty awesome to see Netflix take on interesting and badass characters like Daredevil, Luke Cage and of course Jessica Jones. During a month of celebrating women, let’s actually throw out some incredibly cool females who deserve their own shows.


So, let’s say the little of what you know about Tatsu Yamashiro from 2016’s Suicide Squad is the business card tagline of what the character actually is about. Her story is pretty badass, and if we could just see her sword’s powers in action and her actually go through a more realistic grieving process, it would provide for good plot. If you haven’t actually seen the film, here’s the elevator pitch of who Katana is:

Tatsu Yamashiro grew up in Japan, becoming extremely skilled in martial arts. After she was married, she lost her husband and their two children in a love-triangle situation. Her husband’s soul was trapped in the sword, called “Soultaker,” that took his life. This magical sword has the powers to trap souls of its victims, and Katana can communicate with the soul as well. She eventually leaves for America to fight justice under the name Katana, as a part of superhero groups, like Justice League and Birds of Prey.

Yamashiro is an incredibly interesting character in the fact that she has lost so much to become Katana. She has a very Batman-esque turning point in her life that drives her to become a hero, and it’d be very compelling to see a female take on how Katana’s grieving process is in losing her family, while still being able to communicate with her husband’s soul. Her demeanor is similar to Jessica Jones, in a way: detached yet still caring for her fellow peers. And we know that having a female protagonist of anti-hero characteristics is possible if handled correctly. Since Katana already has appeared in CW’s Arrow, it wouldn’t be so ridiculous to propose to have this talented swordswoman get her own show where she can stand on her own.


Considering what the Now You See Me films do visually, in the sense how they seem to have actual magical powers beyond magic show talents, I’d imagine that Zatanna would do fairly well in a show setting. She’s been part of the Justice League, but it’d be an even more fascinating endeavor to also have her involvement with Justice League Dark be introduced to the general public, in a way bigger than the animated film. Plus, it’d be pretty darn cool to actually have live-action Zatanna and John Constantine (obviously played by Matt Ryan) interactions happen, since they have great chemistry in their dialogue. It’d also be extremely refreshing to see her interact with the other magic users in the DC universe, like Enchantress or Doctor Fate.

Zatanna would be an interesting character to lead a show, not only because of the visual aspects of magic, but because of a more detective or mystery aspect of her looking for her father, Giovanni Zatara, after his disappearance. It’d also be another compelling aspect to her storyline if the possibility of her reconnecting with her parents was added into the show. There are so many possibilities for Zatanna because of her lineage and her interactions with other DC characters like Catwoman, Batman and the previously mentioned Justice League Dark group. Besides, guest appearances of other characters are always a plus, aren’t they?

Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan is an American Muslim teenager living in New Jersey who loves comic books. She also happens to be a shape-shifter and possesses an advanced healing factor. If she got her own series, it’d also be really cool if there was a tie-in with Captain Marvel, since we all know that Brie Larson is going to be bringing her to the silver screen in 2019. With the current political climate, I think it’d be really relatable as well as informing to its audience. The show wouldn’t have to preach about the Islamic faith because the comic doesn’t. It would just be wonderful to be made aware of the struggles and stereotypes that could be imposed on an individual with a certain background, similar to what Luke Cage’s showrunner, Cheo Hodari Coker, created.

Ms. Marvel also has involvement with the Avengers and is part of the Champions group, which consists of a group of superhero young adults that include Miles Morales’ Spider-Man, Amadeus Cho’s Hulk, Viv Vision, Cyclops and Sam Alexander’s Nova. I mean, it could even become like a mini teen Defenders version of the Netflix shows. Is that too hopeful of a request? Probably at this point, yes. But I don’t think that it’s that crazy of a request to give Khan her own show, especially considering how we’ve just gotten our first Oscar winning Muslim actor! Yay for representation!

Ania Solo

I know that in a list of Marvel and DC characters, it’s rather strange to suddenly have a character from the Star Wars universe enter the ranks, but what the hell, we’re doing this! I’m also fully aware that Disney most likely isn’t interested in creating this storyline into a show, but one can dream.

Ania Solo is the granddaughter of the famous Han and Leia, and has a start like Rey. She works as a junk dealer and discovers a lightsaber. She ends up taking arms against a Sith lord, is somehow framed for murder and then eventually becomes a secret agent. She also has a friendly droid sidekick called AG-37, who is also an assassin droid that develops a kind personality. Yes, please!

As successful as the animated Star Wars shows are, I really think it’d be interesting to do a live tv show loosely based on the characters that we love. Because Ania is the granddaughter of Han and Leia, you see her struggle with her lineage and the stories that pretty much the whole galaxy knows about. We’d be following a young woman coming into her own person and take on her own brand of heroism. It’s not entirely an original storyline, I’ll admit, but it’s something we haven’t seen as a Star Wars show, which is something I’m all for!

Also giving honorable mentions to Black Widow (since, as of writing this, Scarlett Johansson hasn’t mentioned a solo film for Natasha yet), Silk, Female Thor and Batgirl. That’s those characters are from an extensive list that I have!

Do you geeks agree with this list? What female character do you think deserves her own show?

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