Podcasts are the perfect companion for long car rides, late sleepless nights or even for a day of much-needed house cleaning. The best part of podcasts is also the worst part: there are so many out there it can be a little overwhelming. How do you find the right one when there are thousands of options, with new ones popping up daily? That is where I come in, folks!

It’s been long enough since my last list of podcast recommendations that I have amassed a collection of new podcasts to share with you all. Once you’ve checked out these recs, let me know what podcasts you are hooked on these days. I have included recommended episodes for each podcast, but feel free to start at the very beginning.

Bonus: Missing SourceFed? Of course you are. Seven of these podcasts have ties to everyone’s favourite canceled YouTube channel.

Dynamic Banter with Steve Zaragoza and Mike Falzone

You don’t have to be a reasonably raised animal to know that these summer boys know how to have a horn-honkingly good time. Give this podcast a try, and both Steve Zaragoza and Mike Falzone will take away all your troubles for a little over an hour.

The only shred of regularity this show can boast is the plethora of bizarre inside jokes the boys share with the audience and the listener submitted story time, History Road, at the end of the episodes. In fact, two of the Bomb Squad members have had their stories read on the podcast.

If you are sensitive to loud noises, I wouldn’t recommend listening to this podcast with headphones because these born boys make a lot of noise. A lot. Too much. It’s a hilarious show and the very definition of a cacophony.

They have also had a startling number of fantastic guests on the podcast including the incomparable Penny Marshall (Lee Newton), who popped by Steve’s apartment to provide some commentary on her film Big. Give it a try if you want to laugh so hard you feel like Steve Zaragoza tried to give you the Heimlich maneuver.

Recommended episode: I really recommend you start at the beginning with this one. Not unlike Arrested Development, the number of inside jokes can only be truly enjoyed if you’ve been in the trenches from the start.

We Stayed Late with Spenser Starke, Starline Hodge and Luis Gonzalez

A large part of the allure of SourceFed for me was the sense of camaraderie between the hosts and the crew alike. This podcast gives you a little taste of that friendship, as it is hosted by four of the most charming behind the scenes folks from SF. Autumn, Star, Spencer and Luis may not remember to introduce themselves at the beginning of every episode, but they do entertain with ease.

This one only has a few episodes so far, but it’s worth subscribing to right now. They have guests like Ava Gordy and Mike Falzone on to chat about life and sweet SF memories, and even give a bit of cheeky advice. Autumn has since left the podcast, but fear not, she’s editing full time for those kooky Sugar Pine 7 boys. These hosts are kind, honest, and they clearly have a lot of respect and affection for one another.

Recommend episode: Episode 3, “Mike Falzone Roasts Our Podcast”

The Earthlings Podcast with William Haynes, John Ross and Yessica Cruz Hernandez

I absolutely loved the dynamic between Will, Yessica and John on their channel, People Be Like, so I was gutted when the news broke that they getting shut down. However, the friends made it clear that they wouldn’t let something silly like their channel being canceled stop them from making great content together, and so The Earthlings Podcast was born.

Each host has a distinct personality: John is the pragmatic and friendly guy, Will is the eccentric artist and Yessica is the heart and soul of the group. They have a great deal of affection for one another, and it seems that PBL getting canned only made these kids tougher and more appreciative of one other’s company. It’s a casual listen, but if you liked PBL, then definitely give the podcast a try.

Recommend episode: Episode 3, “John Got Robbed”

Okay, But What If? with Ava Gordy and Nicola Foti

If you need your fill of sweet babe-bee Ava Gordy, look no further than this delightful podcast. This one can go off the rails from time to time — but in the best way possible. Think low-key Dynamic Banter minus all the horns and plus one charming gay man.

Ava and her co-host Nicola Foti have been friends for a while now and have a great back and forth. I have been a fan of Nic’s YouTube channel (soundlyawake) for a while, and he easily brings the sense of humour and pleasant vibe to the podcast. They offer advice, engage with guests and just generally goof around. It’s silly and fun, a great escape from the current state of the world.

Recommend episode: Episode 55, “SourceFed, Trust, & Slushies.”

Boys Only Club with Reina Scully and Steven Suptic

Don’t let the name deceive you friends, this podcast is for everyone. Well, not everyone. Definitely don’t let your grandma listen to it. Unless you have a cool grandma that doesn’t mind hearing about Reina’s deep and abiding love of marijuana.

Steve and Reina have a captivating friendship that shines through in every episode. They call each other out for saying or doing dumb stuff and they gently (and not so gently) rib one another, but they also have genuine moments together… that are immediately be ruined when Steve starts talking about his dog’s genitals or Cib’s nipple hair.

I won’t say this show is perfect, but I will say it’s the first thing I do on Sunday mornings these days. I grab a cup of coffee and plop down on my deck to enjoy the wild and winding conversations these two goobers have.

Recommend episode: Episode 3, “The Bug Guy Truly.” (The story of the bug guy is a tale that Steve will tell his grandchildren.)

Welcome to Our Podcast with Mike Falzone and Zoja Falzone

Have you heard tales of Mike Falzone’s badass wife Zoja? Well, if you have but haven’t felt the need to check out the podcast she has with Mike, then you are a goof.

Mike and Zoja bicker and snipe at one another like only a couple with equal parts respect and sass can. They’ve welcomed guests such as Julia Nunes, Will Haynes, Lee Newton and Dana Moon, as well as family members and other comedians. It’s a short, fun little treat for your ears.

Recommend episode: Episode 92, “Mike Still Believes.” Listening to this is my new Christmas tradition with myself. It’s possibly the sweetest podcast episode in existence. Mike’s dad makes a very brief appearance in this one. I also recommend any episode with Elliott Morgan or Meghan Tonjes, because the chemistry between them and Mike is electric.

 Only Stupid Answers with Sam Bashor and DJ Wooldridge

I haven’t listened to nearly enough of this podcast to give a full review, but I had to include it because it is definitely worthy of my time and yours.

Sam Bashor brings an unparalleled love of comics to the podcast and DJ, also passionate about comics, brings a grounded enthusiasm to the show. They have fun talking to each other, and that is one of the main reasons I enjoy podcasts in the first place. I love being a fly on the wall during a conversation between friends.

The boys cover a number of topics together with guests like our very own Boss Bomb Maude Garrett. If you’re a geek — which, let’s face it, if you’re on our site, you are most assuredly a geek — then you will love this podcast. It’s as close to SourceFed Nerd as we’re going to get in a post-SF world, so just give it a dang chance.

Recommended episode: “Zombie Returns!” with special guest Maude Garrett. You should also check out these great episodes of other podcasts that feature former SF hosts as guests. Steve on Ear Biscuits and Not too Deep with Grace Helbig; Sam Bashor on Let’s Make Mistakes Together; Lee Newton on Let’s Make Mistakes Together and Ear Biscuits; Elliott Morgan on 2 Dumb 2 Tame and Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig; Mike Falzone on 2 Dumb 2 Tame and Popcorn with Mitchell Davis and Jack Ferry.

Popcorn with Mitchell Davis and Jack Ferry

This is my absolute favourite podcast right now (sorry, Dynamic Banter) and I want to shout it from the rooftops. I adore Jack Ferry and Mitchell Davis, and this podcast is the perfect package to deliver exactly what makes them charming and lovable.

Jack can often be heard laughing along with Grace Helbig and her guests on Helbig’s podcast Not too Deep, and Mitchell has been a YouTube legend for many years now. The friendship between these men is hilarious because, while they have a similar sense of humour, their dispositions are very different. Jack is a more subdued host, he definitely keeps things on track, and Mitchell is a firecracker that cannot be contained.

The premise of the show is very simple: they get a guest, they all watch the same movie and then they meet up to express every little thought they have about whatever madcap nonsense they just watched. For instance, they had Mike Falzone on to talk about The Lost Boys, and it is hysterical. If you’ve seen The Lost Boys, you know how often the characters say “Michael” in that husky, vampire voice. Well, guess what poor Michael Falzone was subjected to throughout the entire podcast?

Trust me on this, this podcast will undoubtedly make you chuckle. The guests are a fantastic addition to the already bubbly dynamic between Jack and Mitchell. I can’t recommend this enough.

Recommend episode: Episode 4, “Weekend at Bernie’s w/ Mamrie Hart.” Mamrie Hart is a national treasure and she was the perfect person to review this ridiculous movie with the boys. I’ve got my fingers crossed that they do a follow-up episode with Mamrie for Weekend at Bernie’s 2.


My Sisters are Nerds

Cards on the table, one of the hosts of this podcast is a former co-worker of mine, so I might be biased here.

Marci, Julia and Ali have a casual style that doesn’t meander unnecessarily. Marci uses her natural hosting talents to guide the conversations and engage with her sisters.

For someone with no biological sisters, it is incredibly entertaining to listen in on these gals having the types of conversations that can only be had by proud nerds like myself. This podcast feels just like sitting down with a couple of friends to just chat and goof off. The hosts have an unbeatable rapport and they are both well-informed and passionate about the topics they cover. It’s a fun and casual podcast perfect for people looking to get lost in some delightfully nerdy conversations.

Recommend episode: “Fan Theories.” I love fan theories, and I love hearing other nerds share their takes on them. This episode is a great place to dive in if you want to get to know these charming ladies.

The Generation Why Podcast

Good news folks, this gem has been around for years, so there are plenty of episodes that cover a plethora of creepy and mysterious topics. The hosts, Justin and Aaron, are respectful and enthusiastic about every story they cover, and they pepper their opinions on the topic into the conversation without making it about themselves.

There are over two hundred episodes of The Generation Why Podcast, so if you’ve been looking for a new true crime podcast, to dig your teeth into, give this one a try. They cover true crime as well as just general creepiness, such as the Mothman. Sometimes they combine them for full episodes, like the one about the Greenbrier Ghost.

Recommend episode: “Hinterkiafeck Murders.” This is my favourite mystery story of all time. It’s the story of a German family that was murdered by an unknown assailant on their farmstead, Hinterkaifeck. It is horrific, creepy and is edged with just the right amount of implied supernatural weirdness.

The True Crime Guys

This is another great true crime podcast that has been churning out episodes for over four months now, so if you’re in the mood for eight straight hours of in-depth looks at some of the most famous crimes of the modern age, this is the podcast for you.

These two friends, Michael and Lorne, are respectful of the victims, but they don’t let the dark subject matter zap all the enjoyment out of the conversations. In fact, these fellows tackle topics with a necessary levity that makes it easier to listen to. With facts and opinions both on the table, the conversations can take sharp turns, so pay attention.

I’m a sucker for true crime and this podcast delivers some of the most interesting stories in neat, entertaining packages.

Recommend episode: “Kitty Genovese: Parts 1 and 2.” This is a hauntingly sad story, but it’s also plays an important role in history, so I sincerely recommend you start with these episodes.


This is a brand new podcast from one of the most popular vloggers on YouTube: David Dobrik. He’s also joined by his buddy Jason Nash. Love David or hate him, this podcast is without question interesting. You get an inside look at the man behind the camera (Dobrik), and you get to hear Nash give Dobrik shit for a multitude of reasons. There is also heaps of brutal honesty, from both Dobrik and Nash.

Dobrik knows what the people want. He’s a rich 20-year-old that made his fortune through Vine and YouTube, so he clearly knows what he is doing. He talks about money, he is honest about how much he makes, and frankly, it’s refreshing. He may be a cocky little bugger, but Dobrik is charming and the relationship he has with Nash, who is 24 years his senior, is heaps of fun to listen to.

I like Jason Nash personally; he reminds me of a more present and attentive version of my own father, right down to the mediocre career in show business. I watch Dobrik’s vlogs from time to time, and though I often shake my head and grumble, “You damn kids,” it is unquestionably well-put-together content.

This podcast gives you an idea of how much work Dobrik puts into his videos. I gained a little respect for him after listening to the podcast.

Recommend episode: Start at the beginning if you can stand Dobrik at all.

That is it for this list! I am always on the lookout for new podcasts so if you have any suggestions for me please tweet at me (@Andraste) and let me know what you’re listening to.

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