It may be 2017, but some of the best and most anticipated games this year are remasters of the classics we played more than ten years ago. But why stop at Crash Bandicoot and Final Fantasy XII when there are so many other games from our childhood that would rock our nostalgic little worlds? Here are ten of our favourites that deserve their own remasters!10 Iconic Games that Deserve Remasters Geek Bomb

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

This is a no-brainer: one of the greatest RPGs ever made, with an incredible story and a huge world for die-hard Star Wars fans and newcomers alike to explore. The storytelling is still some of BioWare’s best, but the gameplay could do with some of that Dragon Age: Inquisition sparkle. And now that the Star Wars extended universe is being re-written to fit in with the new movies, this is a perfect opportunity to add in references to the new stories and characters.

10 Iconic Games that Deserve Remasters Geek Bomb

Warcraft 3

If the rumours are true, this is already in the works, and here’s why that’s a good thing: the original Warcraft 3 was a groundbreaking RTS that birthed an entirely new genre and still holds up against anything that’s come since. An update of the aging engine to something more modern, like the Starcraft II engine, would bring the classic campaign to a brand new, high-res audience. Plus it would mark the welcome return of some of the amazing custom maps like Footman Frenzy and Uther Party, and its once vibrant modding scene would explode again with today’s intricate modding tools.

10 Iconic Games that Deserve Remasters Geek Bomb


After the wildly successful Crash Bandicoot remake, the obvious next step is everyone’s favourite purple dragon. The beloved first three Spyro the Dragon games remastered together in a bundle would make for a perfect package and let us all indulge our nostalgia looking the best it ever has.

10 Iconic Games that Deserve Remasters Geek Bomb

No One Lives Forever

A hilarious pastiche of ’60s spy movies and television, No One Lives Forever is a blast to play (even with difficult controls), and an updated engine would let the genuine humour and wholesomeness of this hidden gem shine. Made by Monolith, who would go on to make F.E.A.R and Shadow of Mordor, this game features a spunky female protagonist and lets you live out your Get Smart fantasy. (Don’t lie, we all have one.) Sadly, any attempt at a re-release, remaster or remake is hampered by the fact that no one actually knows who owns the rights to the game. Super secret spy stuff IRL right there.

10 Iconic Games that Deserve Remasters Geek Bomb

Star Wars: Tie Fighter

Honestly, most of this list could be Star Wars games. Made during the golden ages of both flight sims and LucasArts games, Tie Fighter is one of the few games that lets you play as an Imperial — and with Battlefront II bringing that back in fashion, what better time for a remaster? If any game is deserving of a VR remake, it’s Tie Fighter. But really, I’m just saying this because I want to make the jump to hyperspace in an Oculus.

10 Iconic Games that Deserve Remasters Geek Bomb

Dune 2

The granddaddy of RTS games, Dune 2 actually had a remaster in the form of Dune 2000, but even that is almost 20 years old. A remaster of the original in the vein of the upcoming StarCraft update could bring the iconic masterpiece to the modern era. Imagine how fantastic those cheesy live action cutscenes would be in 4K! And space worms never get old.

10 Iconic Games that Deserve Remasters Geek Bomb

Alpha Protocol

The youngest game in the list, Alpha Protocol was only released in 2010, but it always felt like it was an old game. The spy thriller RPG featured a dialogue system and character relationship model that could have been groundbreaking, if they weren’t so frustrating to use. If a remaster featured gameplay that didn’t make players want to pull their own hair out, it would be an instant favourite.

10 Iconic Games that Deserve Remasters Geek Bomb

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

This game absolutely nails the feeling of first person combat in a gritty fantasy world. What other game lets you kick your enemies into spikes? And what other game lets you kick your enemies into spikes so often that it becomes the cornerstone of the whole game? Made by the developers of Dishonored and Prey, a redone Dark Messiah could alleviate issues caused by a clunky engine, dated graphics, and, at times, downright confusing controls. Bring back the kicking, baby!

10 Iconic Games that Deserve Remasters Geek Bomb


Monolith has a lot to work on if it reads this and recognises that I’m really onto something. F.E.A.R., its much lauded horror game and a benchmark for the genre, has yet to be matched in the 12 years since its initial release in terms of innovative gameplay and AI. A remastered release could help match the aging facade to the future-proofed gameplay.

10 Iconic Games that Deserve Remasters Geek Bomb

Duke Nukem 3D (a proper one)

While a remaster of Duke Nukem 3D was recently released to commemorate its 20th anniversary, it wasn’t well-received and definitely didn’t do the classic justice. A full-on remake would help wash away the sour taste left by Duke Nukem Forever and bring back the fun that the original is still known for today.

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